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I’m getting married!! Tips for flawless wedding day makeup.

Having flawless wedding makeup is a goal for every bride. It's so much more than hiring the perfect makeup artist, it's about achieving the perfect skin too. Flawless wedding makeup starts months before your wedding day.

What can I start right now?

1. Be consistent. This is an annoying but important part about skincare. No more I'm too tired to wash my face at night. Acne, pigmentation, uneven skin texture is not something that we have time for.

2. Stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water is so difficult, but being hydrated starts from within. Having hydrated plump skin is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to combat aging.

3. Cut out sugar. I don't mean stop indulging in your favorite snacks. But your gut health and what you consume plays a major role on the appearance of your skin. Having a balanced diet and keeping sugars and processed foods low will help your skin glow.

4. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! You probably hear this all the time. Yet, it's proven that a lack of skin protection is the number one factor for age spots and wrinkles and still the biggest step the girlies are skipping. Sunscreen is cheaper than Botox ladies!!

5. Get a facial. You may not need have the budget or desire for regular facials. But they are the best way to see an educated professional to tailor a skin routine for you. Skin care suggestions on TikTok or Pinterest are great, but nothing beats going to a professional esthetician or dermatologist for your specific needs.

Your wedding day makeup

1. Finding your perfect makeup artist. Not all makeup artists are created equal. Doing your research about who you hire is important. Be aware that sometimes hiring a makeup artist on a budget will give you budget results.

2. Book a trial! Bridal trials are more about what you don't want than about what you want. Just like when you were buying your wedding dress, the dress looked very different on the hanger than it did on your body. It's important to see what will complete you and your wedding style.

3. How much makeup is too much? Not only do you need to look flawless in person, but you need to look flawless in pictures. Pictures last a lifetime and applying enough makeup for the camera is a science professionals makeup artist’s have mastered. Finding that balance is something a good artist will communicate with you.

4. Be specific! Bring multiple pictures and point out exactly what you like about each picture. One photo you like the shape of eyeshadow, the next photo you like the skin, the third you love the color of the lipstick. Communicating with photos is the easiest tool so you and your artist are on the same page.

5. Give feedback. I book my wedding trials in the morning. I like my brides to wear their makeup all day and night. I tell them to take selfies multiple times throughout the day so I can see how it wears and know what changes to make on the wedding day. What may look too heavy during the day may look perfect at night.

The vendor and bride relationship is a very special one. We spend months talking to you and hours with you on the wedding day. Our work will be ingrained in your memory for the rest of your life.

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