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Holiday Makeup Glam

It’s that time a year where everything is merry and bright. You shouldn’t let you makeup be any different. From the family gatherings, holiday parties and New Year’s celebrations, this is the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and have a little fun with makeup.

Mac lipstick, red lipstick, holiday party makeup

As a makeup artist, when I think of lipstick for the holidays I think of reds and berries. Nothing is more classic and timeless than a red lip. Not all red lipsticks are created equally.Red lipstick can be worn all year around but often it’s the undertone in the red that sets the mood. When I want a true red, I think of a red that has blue undertones, a cool red that really pops and makes a statement!! Nothing is more iconic than MAC Cosmetics Ruby Woo. Since its release in 1999, it’s been one of MAC’s best-selling shades. Its versatility is the reason it’s been around for over 2 decades. Ruby Woo is perfect shade to make a statement for all woman and all skin tones.

Patrick Ta blush, blush duo

The temperature is starting to drop our cheeks are getting flushed. That’s the look we are going for this holiday season! Blush has been making a comeback for the past year. This winter berries are going to be making an appearance. Deep berries and mauve tones right on the apples of our cheeks give the illusion that it’s cold outside. The blush that’s breaking the internet is Patrick Ta’s Major Headlines- Double-Take Crème & Powder Blush Duo. His shades are bright and pigmented, but he uses a makeup artist secret. You apply the powdered blush first, then follow with the cream blush. This trick is to give a healthy glow and life back into your skin. ‘She’s Wanted’ a rich berry shade that I think will be perfect this holiday.

Holiday eyeshadow palette, Charlotte Tilbury

The holidays are a fun time to grab a limited-edition eyeshadow pallet. The perfect excuse to try something different and out of your comfort zone! If you have an eyeshadow that has glitter or a metallic finish, now is your time to use it. Just swipe that shade across your lid with your finger and make a statement. One of my favorite brands, Charlotte Tilbury is on trend with the metallic finishes in the new The Beautyverse Palette. This pallet perfect because it has matte and metallics I will use during this winter into spring. Charlotte Tilbury is one of many brands releasing makeup for the holidays. So, take a trip to

Ulta or Sephora and have a little fun trying new


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